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Lich King

Kinda surprised I haven't done this one sooner. But slowly getting back into doing these. 

Here's my take on the Lich King.

Jake Sumpter

Haven't done one of these in a very long time. But I am slowly getting back into these so here is my first one back. Rasmus from Hotline Miami. 

Jake Sumpter
Been a wild few weeks

Computer has been MIA since I was waiting on getting my new video card, so now I can go back to teaching myself C4D! And then I picked up a contract job with Sony Network Entertainment Int'l (SNEI) and that drive has been a fun one taking a lot of my time so that's going to be getting in the way with teaching myself C4D, but I love what I am doing there. 

Jake Sumpter
Rams Art Test

Thought I would share this art test I did a while back for the Rams.

Play intro for scoreboard.

Player intro for LED ribbon

Player highlights

Jake Sumpter